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about dee

I am a follower of Jesus.

I am wife to Matt.

I am mum to precious Poppy, Boaz & Knox.

I am a qualified Primary Teacher.

I am now a full time mum.

I also dabble in theological study and women's and children's ministry.

I am passionate about teaching my children the good news of the gospel at home.

I am a lover of coffee, puzzles, family autumn days and anything handmade.

about missional mums

I started a little hobby business, creating handmade silicone jewellery and verse cards, after our little Poppy was born. It started as a way for me to make gifts for friends and family in my spare time.

Soon Boaz was born and Poppy was growing much too fast for our liking. Parenting was much more complicated than we'd ever imagined and we began to rely on God through prayer more than either of us ever had before. I began making resources for us as parents, to help us to be intentional in our prayers, and to be creative in the ways we teach our children the wonderful news of the gospel.


My little hobby has grown into a little business, as other families and people involved in children's ministry began using our little resources.


In 2019 our family moved to the city to study at Moore Theological College. We have continued investing in the spiritual lives of our children and serving with our local church. Matt and I have loved using some of what we are learning at college as we create new gospel resources. We particularly love helping children to develop an understanding that the Bible is one big story, all about Jesus, and that the gospel shapes how we read and learn in the Bible.

We are both the first to say that parenting is HARD! But because of the goodness of God, we also know the immense joy it is to raise children under him and to watch his spirit at work in them as they learn about him in his word.

We hope that Missional Mums is a blessing to you and your children as you seek to disciple them at home. There is no greater gift a parent can pass on to their children than a gospel legacy.

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

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