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Set 16 prayer cards featuring 31 prayers straight from scripture to pray for your children - enough for 1 prayer every day each month.


These cards are designed to help mums to be proactive in praying for all areas of their children's lives, both for the now and for their future. Pray the short prayers word for word or use the scripture based prayers as prayer prompts.

The set is packaged in a cute felt storage bag perfect for storing your cards. The cards are professionally printed to ensure quality.


Topics include:

1. FAITH | Salvation, Love for God's Word, Gifts, Witness, Boldness, Knowledge of God's Will, Repentance, Submission to God

2. CHARACTER | Wisdom, Discernment, Servant Heart, Kindness, Self-Control, Diligence, Joy, Approval

3. SAFETY | Physical, Spiritual

4. RELATIONSHIPS | Friends, Siblings, Earthly Authority, Spiritual Leaders, Parents

5. FUTURE | Purpose, Marriage, Money, The World, Identity, Guidance, Strength, Perspective

31 Prayers From Scripture - For Your Children

$16.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
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