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This collection of 34 cards is designed to help you pray for you marriage and your marriage partner.


The prayer topics and content come straight from the Bible. They have been designed to help married couples be intentional in their prayers for their marriage and to help them to have the heart of God for one another.
This collection of prayers contains 3 sets, each containing 10 prayers:
1. Prayers for YOUR MARRIAGE | oneness, desire, friendship, love, ptotection, thanksgiving, sanctification, service, perspective, forgiveness.
2. Prayers for MY WIFE | spiritual life, protection, wisdom, motherhood, love, work, friendships, influence, character and a prayer for myself as a husband.
3. Prayers for MY HUSBAND | spiritual life, protection, wisdom, direction, fatherhood, family leadership, friendships, work, character and a prayer for myself as a wife.

Marriage Prayer Collection

$22.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
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