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Set of 25 advent cards featuring the names of Jesus.

The set is packaged in a cute and handy storage bag with 4m twine and mini pegs.

The cards are professionally printed to ensure quality. The front of each card features one of the names of Jesus and a matching verse from scripture to provide insight into the name. The back of the cards feature the numbers 1-25 to coincide with the dates of December leading up to Christmas.

Reflecting on the names of Jesus is a tradition that has been around a long time and is a wonderful way for individuals or families to help prepare their hearts to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. The names and matching verses will help provide a great understanding of who Jesus is and what makes him so special.


There are many uses for the cards:

1. Hang them on the twine and turn a new name each day.

2. Display the name for the day somewhere prominent using one of our wooden card stands available online.

3. Hang them as decorations from a Christmas tree.

4. Wrap each card individually and unwrap a new card each day.

5. Use your imagination!

The Names of Jesus Advent Calendar

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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